Bleach Updated Reading until Chapter 664

As the title of this post stated. I’ve read Bleach manga until chapter 664.
This is just for reminder in case I forgot about what I’ve been reading until this very second.
I have some habit to wait until several chapters were released. In this Bleach case, I reckon I wait until they release 100+ chapters 😀 :D. And sometimes I need to trace back my memories and finally spent some chapters before the last chapter that I thought was my last reading chapter. Does my explanation make any sense?

Okay, so here’s the reminder for my future self in regard to what’s going on Bleach up until Chapter 664.
May contain SPOILER.

Gotei 13 and Ichigo-tachi reached Soul Palace which has been occupied by Yhwah and the Sternritter.
Kenpachi was paralyzed by Mayuri, just to save Kenpachi from the left hand Sternritter. Gosh, I couldn’t comprehend his physical appearance. Mayuri – Nemu father and daughter relationship.
Kyouraku and Nanao pwned the aim-and-target Sternritter.
Byakuya, Renji, Hirako, was busy with the Miracle Sternritter who looked like giant Thor.
Oh, Hitsugaya is back.
Yoruichi and her brother confronted the Lethal Dose Sternritter.
Ichigo, Sado and Orihime finally found Ishida!
That blonde Sternritter had the same eyes of Yhwach. Ewwww!
Ishida finally challenged the blonde Sternritter.
Ganju appeared out of nowhere. Err…not exactly….to help Sado.
Yoruichi had a handful battle in which Urahara appeared with his sukebe remark. And she transformed into half-breed-cat? Kinda. Hmm….she resembled Jolteon. Miaaaaaooooo :D.
Urahara released his bankai.Guanyin Biraki Benihime Atarame. Oh wow!

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