Review Event: dai 9 Nihongo no Hi UGM + Kimono Demo

Finally the day had come. The day before the D-day I dropped the luggages containing yukata and the demo items. I already made sure that nothing was forgotten. Nihongo no Hi was identic with Japanese speech competition and other Japanese education-nuance competition. The participants were junior high school students and senior high school students. Some others were college students but I thought it was just few of them. After the competition took place, the participants would roam the event ground and took a look to some booths and the main stage. Only few of the participants were attracted to my yukata rental since we have competitor which I considered this as a bad omen. Next time, as a reminder, I need to check to the committee whether there is any similar or same yukata rental booth. But I’ve prepared myself to this kind of outcome.

About the kimono demo, it was carried out smoothly without any major  disruption or intrusion. The spectators were eager to watch the kitsuke demo. I only had a small annoyance with the microphone, as I need to show the komon items and demonstrate the way to put the kimono and the microphone was not clip-on. Thanks to Novi she helped me hold the microphone. I dressed Movi first then moved to Akina.

After the kitsuke demonstration, there was question and discussion time. Not much saying about the discussion session because this kind of kitsuke thing was a REAL NEW experience for the spectators I believe.

PS: Sorry, the pictures aren’t in the correct order.

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