New Page on Facebook: Himeji Kimono House

When I browsed and surfed through kimono world, I saved many pictures related to kitsuke and kimono, including inspirations, illustrations and ensembles. One day I came into a revelation I believe will come eventually sooner or later that my notebook or hard disk will obsolete and they won’t started again after I push the start button. So when the day will come, I have to be prepared.

That’s the main reason why I made a page in Facebook – to pool all of my saved pictures. Mostly, I put them there from my own personal references. I don’t take credit from those pictures unless stated otherwise. So here I present you my new Page on Facebook, Himeji Kimono House. My other Page is Himeji Kimono, mostly for my yukata and kimono rental and shopping. You can visit and take a peek them both.

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