Kitsuke June 2014 Part 1: Nila’s Wedding Reception

Cunil is one of my close friend. Cunil is an abbreviaton for Cute Nila (her self proclaimed abbreviation name :P). She was going to have a wedding reception in Solo and I thought I would dress myself in kimono. I received the invitation via text message and the team was ensembled. My newest buy was a ro purple komon, which actually wasn’t proper enough for wedding reception but I made it fancier pairing it with white woven peony nagoya obi. The kimono actually is rather short for me, so I opted out wearing a pair of zouri and instead chose my trusty heels. It was all purpose heels with white main colours and black heels.

I found out that we went to Solo from Jogja with two cars. One day before the reception, Elichan, Sansan, Noichan and Yayas had been there in Solo. I went to Solo with Asih and her husband, Edi (I hitchhiked their car). I woke up really early and dressed as fast as I can. I needed to walk into our rally point. Thankfully it was still early morning (around 0600) and Sunday so only few gazes and stares came to me. It wasn’t awkward, but somehow I needed to build up courage first to walk non-chalantly with all people in normal clothes :P. I met one of my lecturer from Oral Surgery Department accidentally. He was cycling and asked where I was going to this early morning and all dressed up. When I said I was going to attend my friend wedding reception to Solo, he was surprised :D. Anyway,

I finally arrived at the rally point and Asih and his husband was just arrived too. Asih wore a really beautiful kebaya. It was gold and cream. Later, in the gas station near airport (Adi Sutjipto Airport), we had a rendezvous with the other car (Wenang, Sahib and Bang Vincent were inside the car). Together we marched to Solo that morning. The traffic was not really congested, it was still morning.

Detail of my eri part. Decided to include a lace

In the parking lot. We arrived a little bit earlier. My komon is short so I wore heels :D.

We hogged the entry. Oh well it wasn’t any guests anyway. Not yet. 

OB team. My paper’s team when I was still a graduate student.

Left-right: Wenang, me, Noichan, Sansan

Random group photo. We were so loud.

Bigger group photo with Dr. Supri included in the frame.

After about two hours ride, we reached Solo at last. We found the venue and registered. Oh, Sahib get dressed in the parking lot, not bothered with us and just kept getting dressed. I thought we came there pretty early since there were only several guests. We took a lot of pictures just like camera whore did. Really, we were bunch of loud guys with mild commotion, almost forgot why we were there. What will bunch of peoples do when they meet after not meeting for a long time? They became camera whore and that what was happened to us :D. I believe the SD card was congested with our pictures and not the bride’s pictures. Oh and yeah, a lot of people wondering about me, whether I am an Indonesian or not.

And the bride and groom arrived. The procession took forever I guess :P. After an akad nikah was carried out, we had a light meal (I thought it was soto if I not mistaken). After the akad nikah, the procession was continued. There is an abbreviation of the Solo wedding reception, it called USDEK (unjukan, sup, dhaharan, es, kondur), which meant welcome drink, soup, main course, dessert – which usually ice cream and jelly and go home. The procession was held without us get up from our seat, which meant we sat down all the time and some waiters and waitresses served us.

We met Bunga and her family, Mbak Budi and her team, girls from Kos Biru and Akina. Funny thing was that Akina wore batik and I wore kimono. Many of them joked that I should change my nationality since I wore kimono set to the event. Hhalah :D. To tell you the truth, I had more kimono that I had a kebaya set.

After we said goodbye to the bride and groom, we went to Selat Solo (I forgot the name of the restaurant). In there I change my kimono into a regular set of clothes in their tiny bathroom :P. Anyway, I ordered a galantin Selat Solo. Noichan wrote something on the restaurant plate with some Hangeul I couldn’t read at that moment XD. During the return trip, I hitchhiked Wenang’s car, together with Sansan, Elichan, Noichan, and Sahib. Asih and Edi had a personal agenda. We dropped Noichan at a hospital somewhere in Klaten (her sister was there). We arrived at Jogja after 2000. Thank you for today’s trip and experience. I hope I can do more kitsuke in the future.

Blue Purple Ro Komon
Juban with white polkadot red haneri and lace
White nagoya obi with peony motif
Red scarf obiage
Black polkadot socks
Pink obijime
Purple obidome
White heels
Red kanzashi

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