Anmitsu Hime Part 4 of 4

I got this movie reccomendation from certain kimono enthusiast group. This movie starred Inoue Maou as Princess Anmitsu, who are in her teenage years. This movie is really jolly, colourful and heart-warming. It has a lot of traditional and modern components and their combinations are somewhat fun and entertaining to watch. For example, all the blings, glitters and colourful ensemble of her kimono oddly matched with the era in the set. She also got her nails decorated, her practicing lance pinked and heyy she wore a funky wheely shoes inside her house which resulting her getting scolded XD.

The story was light and fun to watch if we’re looking for family and comedy drama. Since the story took place in the rugou jidai (old era), we could expect to find many kimono ensembles. The common people’s kimonos might be plain but the kimono of Anmitsu’s mother and grandmother were great. The servants’ kimono had tateya musubi, this kind of musubi was worn as a protection addition as the servants sometimes protected her master. The musubi had a shape in such a way so that the servants could hide a small or slim knife – just for defense.

Anmitsu wore komon for her day adventure and she wore her furisode and uchikake in her day in the castle. And her protectors, oh wow, you get to watch it yourself. I meant it with the WOW. I will put others picture of her wearing kimono and also the setting in the movie itself.

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